Aysel Amirova is the member of Azerbaijan Artist Union, prize-winner of the Republican & International festival.

She was born on March 03.1987 in Moscow, Russian Federation. As She had great interest in art, she went to the children’s creative art gallery named after T.Ismayilov. Her first success was award to the 1st degree diploma on the Republic in contest named after “Khojaly tragedy” in 1998.

Her first individual exhibition consesting of 50 pictures was hold in the same gallery in 1999. She has taken an active part in intenational exhibitions held in the USA, Japan, Russia, Georgia and Iran. And conferred diplomas and prizes.

Her works as “My City” and “The Easterm beauty” had been selected for greeting cards by CONOCO Philips Oil Company in 2000.

December 2001 – the meeting with our president Mr. Ilham Aliyev as the young Olympian she made him a present his portrait.

2003 – She entered the Azerbaijan state college of painting and arts after A.Azimzadeh.

2007 – She graduated from that college with honor diploma and entered Azerbaijan State Academy of arts.

2011 – She graduated from that Academy with honor diploma.

2011 – She entered master degree of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts.

2011 – She got Prezident’s scholarship.

2013 – She graduated from the master degree of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts.

2014 – She became dissertator of the Azerbaijan Academy of Arts.